Speedway Express Trikes

These American-made, high quality Amish tricycles are similar to the Hochstetler trikes, with the same durable build meant to last.

Speedway Express Trike - 13" Wheel

Speedway Express tricycles come in two sizes.  Shown above is the slightly smaller model that comes with a 13 inch front wheel.  This trike might be perfect for your little girl, as it comes in green (with yellow wheels), red, blue, and PINK.  Not just any pink, but "Bubble gum pink".  What little girl could resist a bright pink set of wheels?

Green Speedway Express Trike - 16" Wheel
Perhaps big brother would like a trike too? (Though not in pink, of course).  The larger Speedway Express model comes with a 16 inch front tire for some serious off-road triking.  This model comes in blue, red and green. 

Both models feature adjustable seats, 10 inch rear tires, and a durable steel frame.

Not only does Speedway Express have high quality tricycles, but the Amish craftsmen of Lancaster, PA have also made a matching trailer for each model!

Speedway Express Tricycle with Matching Trailer
If you need to haul garden supplies out to your vegetables, and your little ones would love to help, well, why not give them the opportunity for fun teach them helpfulness at the same time?

What could be better than a sunny spring day, gardening, and your littles ones having so much fun hauling your supplies!

Larger model with matching trailer
Get them outfitted today!

Speedway Express 13" Wheel Model Tricycle

Speedway Express 16" Model Tricycle

Speedway Express Mini Trike Trailer

Speedway Express Big Trike Trailer

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