Valley Road Trikes

Though all of our American-made tricycles are durable and sturdy, if you had to pick the sturdiest it would be the Valley Road Air Tire Tough Trike. 

Definitely kid approved.
These Amish-made tricycles are so well constructed that you can drop one from the height of three feet and all they do is bounce, without even a rattle!
Available in Red, Blue, Green and Pink.
The 13" tires have large treads that allow for maximun traction, and the seat is adjustable to leg length by clamping anywhere along the frame.  An additional bonus is that with the high quality constuction comes near silent operation!
They also have a Clevis hitch to pull small tricycle trailers.


Yes...It really does come in pink!

 Kids absolutely love these tricycles.  When they see one for the first time you can see the "WOW" on their faces!

The Valley Road Air Tire Tough Trike is a tricycle that is second to none.

Valley Road 13" Tricycle

Valley Road Trike Trailer

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