Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Trikes: An Aspirational Toy

Kids like experiences that channel big kid fun stuff.  The tricycle has earned a place in vehicle history by being simple and stable on uneven ground even when rigid by itself.  Big Amish made ones even more so. 

Most airplanes follow that lead with tricycle landing gear.  This has the advantage of the landing ground reaction serving to pitch the nose down, sticking a great landing to the deck.

A century plus of farm tractors have many examples of tricycle layout, with the center wheel (or double) fitting down a row between crops while the rear two might have adjustable span. 
Motor vehicle laws in the USA, Canada and elsewhere treat a road-able three wheeler as a motorcycle.  This opens up the market for all manner of open, light and powerful trikes (and reverse trikes) that roll back the weight and complexity of a modern car to golden era of tiny, lightweight British sports cars.  The kids with reliable pedal power tricycles from DurableToys.com however would not need a tow truck to follow. :)

-Guest post by DurableToys founder Dave McCusker

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